quinta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2011

Missing Me


Today I woke up with the room stuffed with cards, flowers, teddy bears and candy, my roommate was taking a shower and I remember thinking, for a split second, that you had sent me some gifts, because it's valentine's day and you used to be my valentine.
Honey, you used to be mine.
But I read one of the cards and it wasn't meant for me, it was my friend's and I felt something kinda dark take over me, I don't know for sure what it was 'til I realized it was just sadness... Hangover and sadness, I am sorry and it's morning, to be more of a cliche, I should have slept with the wrong man, but thank God i didn't.
What I mean is that I know I messed up, but we've been through so much worse and I can't help but wonder if you like me as much as you use to claim, but I dived into this relatonshit and went against my better judgment and all of those people who told me you were shit to prove otherwise.
All I know is that without you, I'm missing me.
Missing you...


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